If you are looking for a company that offers a high quality outdoor wood furnace and outdoor wood boiler, then Nature’s Comfort is definitely for you. Nature’s Comfort outdoor wood stove products are built to meet the design specifications by their manufacturing firms located in Shipshewana, Indiana. We build an outdoor wood burner with a cost effective heating system that can be used in conjunction with almost any interior heating systems that are being currently used in various homes today. Thousands of dollars can be saved using wood rather than fossil fuel alternatives. The design of a Nature’s Comfort outdoor wood burning furnace includes a firebox, a chimney pipe, and the sides and bottom of an ash pan surrounded by water. All these features, including a hassle free shipping and available financing, makes Nature’s Comfort one of the leading producers of a quality outside wood stove and outside wood boiler. You can also check the above pages or the video below for more information about our products.

How do outdoor wood boilers work in order to provide heat to your home? These furnaces use wood or coal in order to provide heat to your house or to any building it heats. They are situated far from your house, usually 30 to 250 feet away, and they pump heated water through pipes that are usually placed underground. The pipes used are wrapped with insulating materials, thus keeping the water hot as it moves through them. Once the water passes through these pipes, it enters the traditional heating systems that are present in your house such as a radiant floor system or a forced air furnace. But in addition to heating your home, outdoor wood furnaces also heat the water that you use in your house. This saves you the additional cost of buying devices to heat the water in your home. To make it even more interesting, you can also use these furnaces for any recreational body of water that you have in your home such as a spa or hot tub. All these are done with the use of wood or coal, which is a whole lot cheaper than electricity or compared to other forms of fuel like natural gas, LPG, or kerosene.

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