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We at Nature’s Comfort are excited and honored that you are considering purchasing one of our pellet stoves! We work hard to provide you a quality pellet furnace to serve your heating needs for years to come.

While we will gladly sell a pellet stove to you directly, we have set up a growing dealer network to provide you with a more local sales contact and for more local future customer support. Please take a look at our dealer list and talk to your local dealer about purchasing a pellet stove.

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Pellet stoves purchased directly through Nature’s Comfort are purchased at the same price as you would pay from your local dealer. Local dealers may run specials from time to time that allow you to purchase our pellet stove and other products at a discounted rate. If you do not have a local dealer or instead wish to work directly with Nature’s Comfort to purchase a pellet stove we will gladly take your order! Thank you for your time and if you have any questions about the function of the pellet stove please call tech support at 877-251-7740 or email us. Thank you for your business!

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For heating power comparison, 1 ton of wood pellets equals:

120 gallons of heating oil
170 gallons of propane
16,000 cubic feet of natural gas
4,775 kilowatts of electricity

Heating with wood pellets, at $200 a ton, is the same as paying:

$1.67 per gallon for oil heat
$1.18 per gallon for propane
$12.50 per 1,000 cubic feet for natural gas

Check out pellet stove reviews from happy customers below:

Name: Trina Schueller
Location: Kingsley, MI

Satisfaction Rating:  Very Satisfied

“Wood pellet stove”
We previously owned a wood pellet stove that was purchased from Menard’s. It was a PelPro stove. Had a lot of issues trying to get it to burn clean and evenly. We discovered Denny Brown and spoke to him about Nature’s Comfort. We purchased one from him last year and LOVE it!! Have had no problems, love the look, the heat and it burns amazingly! We are so glad we switched out the old PelPro for Nature’s Comfort! It has been a very worthwhile investment! Thank you Denny Brown for helping us! You made this purchase so easy and we appreciate your attention to detail and follow up! Mike and Trina Schueller

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