Best Outdoor Wood Boilers by Natures Comfort LLC

By: Steve Nyhof

The best outdoor wood boilers are making their way into the market place. New innovative design technology using highly sophisticated software that shows the water flow and temperature as it recycles. Natures Comfort, LLC is introducing a highly developed outdoor wood boiler that is sure to make an impact in the outdoor wood boiler industry in July, 2009.

I have seen these boilers first hand as well as the manufacturing facilities that manufacture them. The downdraft outdoor wood boiler by Natures Comfort was on the floor when I toured one of the plants. There were a number of improvements to their existing designs, but the main design changes that really impressed me was how they used their computer software to adjust internal design features to improve water flow and to make sure the outdoor wood boiler is heating the recycled water in the best way possible, making this system far more efficient.

Owner and CEO; Dave Nyhof said, “Not only are we doing things inside the water space to make this system the best outdoor wood boiler on the market, but we have learned from many test units and client feedback where to concentrate the heat source, as well as address past issues due to heat, now controlled by diverting the water to specific areas.”

I could say a lot more about the many upgraded features that really do make this the best outdoor wood boiler I have ever seen, but the owner did not want this technology and information getting out.

Dave Nyhof went on to say, ” we are sorry but we do not have epa or ul approval on it yet, but are hoping to get it on this unit and the 175 and 250 standard outdoor wood boilers soon. Nevertheless, we are already taking orders.”

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