About Central Boiler Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace

One of the most popular brands of outdoor wood burning furnaces and stoves is Central Boiler.  Central Boiler designs and sells outdoor wood-burning furnaces that are often used to heat homes, swimming pools, barns and other buildings. The furnace burns wood to boil water, and then delivers the hot water through pipes insulated pipes. The hot water can then be used in together with your existing warm-air furnace, radiant floor system or water heater system.

Where it all started

Brazier founded Central Boiler in 1984. The company has offices and a manufacturing plant located in Minnesota. Central Boiler also owns Central Fireplace, which manufactures gas fireplaces.

Central Boiler wood-burning furnaces are sold under the product name “Classic”, and are available in heavy gauge carbon steel or titanium enhanced stainless steel. The “Classic” is known to be the first outdoor wood furnace to be both UL and have CSA certification. The E – Classic 1200 was also the first outdoor wood furnace to meet the US Environmental Protection Agency’s new voluntary emissions standards.

Central Boiler’s Warranty

The “Classic” furnace has an optional 25-year limited warranty which covers parts and labor. The Pallet Burner has a 1-year warranty, but the 25-year warranty is not available.

How to contact Central Boiler

Central Boiler
20502 160th Street
Greenbush, MN 56726

Phone: 800-248-4681

Central Boiler reviews for interested consumers
“E-Classic 2300 is junk”
I purchased my E-Classic 2300 in 2008 and burned it 3-4 months a year for 5 years. After the 5th year, pin holes appeared inside the firebox and a crack along the air vent inside the firebox. I contacted the dealer about the leakage & crack in the firebox, and he said Central Boiler would repair or replace the firebox at the lovely pro-rated warranty price of $3500 plus shipping! Are you kidding me? That’s not a warranty. 20 months of use and the $10,000 product corrodes. Absolute junk, do not buy!
“Warranty problems”
Before buying anything from Central Boiler, watch what you sign. After the deal is done, the dealer will present form 4949 created 5-2008 that states the boiler has a pro-rated warranty on the firebox/water jacket. Our furnace is on the sixth year and the whole back of the unit is rotten and leaking. I was told by Central Boiler that they would only pay 75 percent of material cost only. Ask to see the warranty and read it carefully before purchasing. They use deceptive practices in selling these units. This unit will never make 25 years as the warranty says and they know it. Only buy a Central Boiler if you are willing to have a welder come in and repair it every couple of years.
“Untrained and unprofessional distributors”
We purchased an E-Classic from New England Outdoor Furnaces in Newport, New Hampshire. Now into our third season, it has become abundantly clear that the distributors fell way short of providing the correct information regarding boiler requirements, installation, and maintenance. We have now had two heating experts who have inspected the installation and declared it “remarkable” that someone who claims to be a professional outdoor boiler could allow the installation that we now have. This is aside from the fact that Central Boilers are among the lowest rated in the field. I could go on, but it would just get worse. Bottom line; avoid the brand and the dealer at all costs.

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