About Crown Royal Outdoor Wood Burning Stoves

Northland Distributing & Manufacturing, Inc. manufactures and distributes all Crown Royal Stoves – Outdoor Wood, Coal & Corn Furnaces outdoor wood burning stoves. Crown Royal Outdoor Furnaces are a non-pressurized system that provides year round heat and energy savings through the use of natural renewable fuels such as wood and corn. Quite different from indoor wood stoves or fireplaces, outdoor wood, coal and corn furnaces from Crown Royal are thermostatically controlled which provides even and continuous heat all over the home or in the entire building.

Crown Royal outdoor wood burning furnaces come in four sizes. All models are from 10-gauge 409 AL Titanium enhanced stainless steel for efficient corrosion resistance and heat transfer. Each Crown Royal Stove has been rigorously tested and is UL & CSA certified. These outdoor furnaces will be able to work with any existing heating system.

Where it all began:

Northland Distributing & Manufacturing started in 1996 by selling outdoor wood furnaces that were produced by different companies. The company soon believed that they could develop a better furnace and afterwards they began to create and market their own furnace. Northland Distributing is headquartered in International Falls, Minnesota, (which owns the trademark for the term “The icebox of the nation,”). The company is able to develop and test their Crown Royal products in the harshest temperatures. Their tests revealed that their units could still work efficiently even in as low as -40° F during the winter.

Crown Royal Warranty

All models come with a Twenty (20) Year Limited Workmanship Warranty as well as a Twenty (20) Year Limited Corrosion Warranty. The RS 5000 e comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

To maintain your unit’s warranty, you must use a control chemical available through your Crown Royal dealer to protect the stove from calcium and magnesium present in your water. In addition, annual water samples to Crown Royal. Failure to use the control chemical or submit annual water samples will void your warranty.

How to contact Crown Royal

Northland Distributing & Manufacturing, Inc.
P.O. Box 1237
International Falls, MN 56649
Toll Free: 866-361-7355

Crown Royal reviews for interested customers
Very unhappy with my Crown Royal stove, from the company I bought it from to Greentech Manufacturing. I called the warranty department to ask some questions and they were too busy to talk to me. They took my phone number and I haven’t heard a word from them. I have 18 grand into this stove and haven’t burnt a log in it yet. I wish I would have done more research. They get your money, that’s all they want.
“Water leaks from inside out”
Had this stove installed in the fall of 2010 and always filled it with water from day one. It had leaks inside of fire box and three other leaks on outside of water jacket from bad welds. It was sent back to Greentech for repair. They patched it up and still charged me around $800.00. Now, two years later I have six more leaks on outside of water jackets where it is leaking from the inside out. The water sample were all ok and done on time. The whole stove is built with bad steel that has a lot of thin spots and pin holes. This stove need to be replaced under full warranty to be right. I filed a claim for warranty work on 4/17/2014 and have not heard a thing.

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