About Earth Outdoor Wood Burning Furnaces

Earth Outdoor Wood Furnaces is based from Missouri. It offers wood furnaces and forced-air furnaces created from heavy-duty materials. According to its website, Earth Outdoor Wood Furnaces was founded with the goal of providing customers with “quality products at affordable prices.”

Earth has six models of wood furnaces in two styles: 2-door ash-drop systems (models 400 and 500) and a 1-door open system (models 305, 365, 405 and 505). Along with these models Earth manufactures a forced-air furnace, the Bear Cub 305-FA that is suitable for small or mobile homes or for use in outbuildings such as workshops. Klear Sky by Earth Outdoor series features a special emission control technology that surpasses EPA guidelines.

Earth Outdoor has a standard on all furnaces and this is a cylinder firebox measuring ½-inch thick and a 10-gauge water tank that is 1/8-inch thick. Furnace doors feature a 3-section, full-bar hinge that is designed to resist warping. A corrugated metal exterior in one of several stock colors also is standard, although brick, rock, wood and other siding options are available.

Where it all began

Earth Outdoor Wood Furnaces is one part of a bigger Earth Outdoor Products. This is a family-owned and -operated business based in Missouri. Siblings Zachary, Nathan, Ben and Sarah Kelly founded Earth Outdoor in 2009. The company was founded when the siblings’ father ordered an outdoor wood furnace that took six months to arrive. The siblings began developing their own furnace and soon the Earth Outdoor Wood Furnaces was born.

Contacting Earth Outdoor Wood Furnaces

Earth Outdoor Wood Furnaces
P.O. Box 310
Mountain Grove, MO 65711

Phone: (417) 746-0043

Earth Outdoor Wood Furnaces warranty

The Mountain Man and Woodsman series carry a limited 25-year factory warranty that covers thermostats, pumps and other parts. Check with your dealer for specific warranty details.


Reviews for interested customers
“Pump problems”
Have had my Earth for 3 years. Satisfied when it works. Have replaced pump 4 times. Have found that my manual is not the one for the furnace. Based on the diagram photos, it shows supply out the back of furnace. Mine goes over the top into the tank. In very cold weather, the water boils out. Have to refill tank 2 to 3 times a day. Like I say, it heats good when you can keep water in and pump works. Bought last pump in December 2013; by March 2014, it needed replacing. And looking for old-style B&G pump that is not a ceramic shaft.


“Never Buy an Earth”
I have had this unit for 3 years now with no help from the factory or the sales man that told me the stove would heat up to 5000 sq ft but it can’t even heat 1500. I had to install a pellet stove to heat my downstairs, then let the stove heat the upstairs. Still will not do it. The factory says I’m not burning dry wood, but all I burn is oak, hickory, and locust that has sat till the bark falls off then its cut split and stacked till burn season starts. If you do get an Earth stove be ready to have a chair out by the door where you can load it all night and day just to keep it at 160 can’t even get to the 180 the factory says to run it at


“Mountain Man 505”
Had stove for one year it works great. Had a small problem in first month with forced air door sticking. Called factory they told me they knew about it and the fix was $0.03. Has worked great ever since. Would recommend to anyone.

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