About Fire Chief Outdoor Wood Burning Stoves

Fire Chief Industries designs and creates a variety of indoor and outdoor wood burning furnaces able to heat between 1,000- to 5,000-square-foot homes. The company has six furnace models that provide a wide range of cost and performance option for consumers. It is a brand highly recommended by most online consumer reviews.

Where it all began:

St. Louis-based HY-C Co. acquired Fire Chief Industries in 2011. HY-C started in 1947 and today manufactures various home heating products such as chimney covers, stove boards and fireplace accessories.

Fire Chief manufactures six furnace lines. Its indoor models vary and the most popular is the cost-effective FC300F and the top-of-the-line FC1100E. The FCOS1600 and FCOS2200D outdoor furnaces heat 1,800 and 3,500 square feet respectively.

Fire Chief Warranty

For indoor furnaces, Fire Chief provides a prorated warranty that covers the firebox and cast iron grates for 5 years. For its outdoor furnaces, Fire Chief provides a lifetime warranty on its cast iron grates, covering defects in material and workmanship.

For all furnaces, electrical components carry a 1-year warranty, while motors are covered for 2 years. Certain limitations do apply, so be sure to read your warranty carefully. In addition, Fire Chief furnaces must be registered within 30 days of purchase to receive warranty coverage.

How to contact Fire Chief

Fire Chief Industries
10950 Linpage Place
St. Louis, MO 63132

Phone: (800) 875-4788

Fire Chief reviews for interested consumers

“Model 1800 fire cheif”
I bought a model 1800 fire chief wood burner, I burn wood and I cannot get no heat out. When I called the company they want to take no responsibilty for it, they blame it on the customer. I will be switching to a boiler. I found most everything that fire chief wrote was a lie in there brochures.

“Outdoor wood furnace not as good as I thought”
I have owned the Fire Chief outdoor wood furnace for about 5 years. I dont really like anything about it, I got it as a gift and I have tried my hardest to like it but Id rather just use my wood stove. What I didnt like is that the btu output is only 16000, it does not come with a stove pipe so i had to go out any buy one. Its just been a huge headache. I never had to repair it because I barely use it. I would never get one of these again if i end up getting one as a gift ill throw it in the river. I would NEVER recommend these pieces of crap to a friend or family member or even an enemy. Just getting an old school wood burning stove is a lot better and way more efficient. They are better than nothing though so to each is own

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