About Free Heat Machine (FHM) Outdoor Wood Furnaces

There are a lot of outdoor wood furnace brands but one furnace seemed to be different from other furnaces. Free Heat Machine is quite different from other wood furnaces and it starts from ordering to installation of the furnace.

Free Heat Machine (FHM) was the brand of the outdoor wood burning stove manufactured by Timber Ridge, Inc. Timber Ridge however did not take their products to retailers or to distributors but rather marketed their furnaces by selling their products directly to customers. Free Heat Machine has three basic wood-burning outdoor models: the 90, the 150, and 250. The first model will be able to heat a home that is up to 3,000 square feet; the second one could heat a structure that is 6,000 square feet, and the 250 heats up to 12,000 square feet. The 150 and 250 models have a turbo burner that allows a long burning duration, better and more even heat distribution and cleaner outputs with reduced smoke and ash emissions.

Where it all began

A representative from Timber Ridge mentioned that the company actually had to refine their design many times since 2001. These design improvements helped them with the goal of making the installation and repair of their furnaces very simple. Even a first time homeowner will be able to install an FHM furnace with no sweating pipe required!

The installation process begins when a homeowner calls an FHM consultant. The consultant helps determine the size of furnace that a home needs and how this may be integrated into an existing system. After a thorough assessment, a job order is ready and then Timber Ridge will ship initial materials such as foot pads and ground cover for the buyer to prepare the area where the furnace will be installed. After the preparation of the installation site, the furnace will be shipped on a flatbed truck. A forklift will be used by the driver to place the furnace on the installation site.

A 46-page installation guide is provided to the customer and tools to install the furnace are also included in the order. Free Heat Machine also keeps a file on every single furnace that they sell together with photographs of the furnace itself, and all the details of the particular configuration that the owner has purchased. Should there be problems with furnace parts; Free Heat Machine will be able to ship the exact replacement part overnight.

Timber Ridge, Inc. started in 1974 / 75. The company began developing their line of outdoor wood furnaces in 2001. The planned to release a smokeless outdoor wood furnace in 2007.

Free Heat Machines is currently out of business – they closed their doors in January 2011.

Free Heat Machine’s Warranty

Timber Ridge, Inc. provides a 20-year warranty for repair and replacement, a 5-year warranty on all electrical parts, and a 3-year warranty on their pumps.

How to contact Free Heat Machine

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