Some Great Facts About Outdoor Wood Burning Stoves

Welcome to using outdoor wood burning stoves! You are making a huge step in saving a lot in your heating bills plus using an efficient and environment-friendly heating source.  Here are some facts that you may have not known about using outdoor wood burning stoves.

Outdoor Furnace Best Burn Practices

Popular outdoor wood burning stoves and furnace brands are in partnership with the Hearth, Patio and Barbeque Association (HPBA). The two recommends following a special operation and maintenance plan in the use of outdoor wood burning stoves. This plan is appropriately called the Outdoor Furnace Best Burn Practices.

Wood as a heating fuel is endorsed by the US Forestry Service

Wood is a renewable resource and by burning wood an average home will be able to save renewable fossil fuel enough to operate a car for a year! Wood is a renewable resource and thus is more efficient to use rather than using non-renewable fossil fuel.

Outdoor wood burning stoves and furnaces are safer

Safety is a major consideration in choosing the right heat source. Outdoor furnaces reduce fire hazards in the home or building being heated since all burning takes place in a remote location. Most brands recommend setting up an outdoor stove or furnace up to 500 feet away. There’s no indoor smoke, no fires indoors and no threat of chimney fires.

Outdoor wood burning stoves will never affect air quality. There is no dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide in your home.

Control your heating bills once and for all!

Energy costs could be a burden especially during cold weather. Wood is renewable and renewable and therefore it is inexpensive compared to other types of fuel sources. Outdoor furnaces may also be able to provide you with hot water and therefore you can turn off your water heater and get more savings! It is estimated that in over a ten-year period, a homeowner may be able to save from $20,000 to $100,000 or more on fuel and heating costs.

Efficiency Means More Heat From Less Wood.

Look for outdoor wood furnaces and stoves with efficient designs so you will be able to maximize the combustion and heat transfer process which will certainly improve heat delivery in your home.  Current owners of outdoor furnaces are proud to report that they are using up to 25% to 70% less wood compared to traditional wood furnaces and of course have far more efficient heating compared to using other heating sources or fuel sources.

Save money, time and effort by using efficient outdoor wood burning stoves

You may have already known that you need to continuously stroke wood so you can have a strong and efficient fire. But doing so will often take away much of your time and therefore if you do not have time to babysit wood then an efficient outdoor wood burning stove or furnace is the heating appliance for you. Outdoor wood furnaces can burn larger pieces of wood and therefore will reduce the time and effort that you need to spend in maintaining your outdoor stove.

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