About Hardy Outdoor Wood Burning Furnaces

Hardy outdoor wood furnaces are known for their simplicity in design. Components include a central firebox, an insulated water tank with a condenser, a stack, and a tray for ashes on the bottom to provide easy cleaning.

Hardy comes in six versions, including standard, economy, catalytic, and high-capacity models. The main difference between models is the heating output (as measured in BTUH) the higher the model number, the higher the output.

Where it all began

The Hardy Manufacturing Company started operations in 1976 and this was when Jerome Hardy and Bobby Smith developed a farmland heater. In 1978, the heater’s warm-air distribution system was improved using a hot water system. This was patented in 1979.

How to contact Hardy

Phone: 601-656-5866


Hardy Manufacturing, Inc.
12345 Road 505
Philadelphia, MS 39350

Hardy’s warranty

The Hardy Manufacturing Company provides a 10-year warranty on all of its products.

Review for interested customers
“I love our Hardy”
We bought our Hardy in 2006 and we love it. It has saved us on our electric bill and it still runs well with the generator when the electric goes out. Our salesman always has the parts on hand when my husband broke something and it was reasonable price and he even told him how to fix it so we didn’t have the expense of a house call. I have recommended this to everyone I know. And some of them has broken down and bought one too and now they wished they would have done it sooner. Rick Stoughton is the man to see in this area he will treat you right.

“Worst customer service ever!”
I like the stove, but pray you never need anything for it from the actual company. You get re-directed to a central service that will give the local guys number. They can’t tell you anything. If I had to buy it over again I would go elsewhere and stay far away from this manufacturer.

“Dealer would not install unit I paid for it! Hardy Co. said “too bad!””
I paid $7000 for a Hardy unit. The Hardy dealer stunk. I contacted the Hardy Co. In Mississippi. I was told basically, “Buyer beware! Not our problem!”

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