About Heiss Heaters Outdoor Wood Burning Stoves

Another popular outdoor wooden stove brand is Heiss. Heiss Heaters is a brand that is basically younger than other wood burning stoves but has made its mark as a reliable custom made brand.

Heiss Heaters designs and manufactures outdoor wood furnaces and boilers. The company is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Heiss Heaters manufactures, delivers, and installs its outdoor wood burning stove or furnace and other products throughout the Midwest. Heiss services states such as Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

Heiss products are the following: the 3000 model, the 5000 model, and the Elite Series of outdoor wood boilers. Heiss also creates and builds custom heaters of any size.

Where it all began

Heiss Heaters was founded by Jeremy Heiss in 2009. In 2010, Heiss has received investment capital which helped the company to improve its manufacturing facilities and increase the product line. Heiss Heaters is a brand that is very popular in the entire Midwest area.

Heiss warranty

Heiss offers a 3-year warranty on standard models and a 6-year warranty on Elite models. Heiss requires that their antifreeze be purchased and that either the Heiss company or an HVAC certified technician install the unit. Proof of certification must be provided before the warranty is given.

How to contact Heiss Heaters

Heiss Heaters
300 Eugene St. SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49507

Phone: (616) 551-0176


Reviews for interested customers
“Made it almost 4 years”
Problems from the start, got it working for a while, and now a leak in the water jacket. I had so many problems with the warranty in the beginning, that I’m not going to try anymore – even though the warranty should stand for another 6 years. Time to scrap it for the copper inside and move on to another brand. Don’t waste your time and money folks.
“To be fair”
I had written a review here that wasn’t entirely fair. I bought one of the first Heiss Heater wood stoves. Since then, the company has made several design changes, and I’m told that many of the problems that I was having have been corrected. My wood stove is in its 3rd year, and in spite of a few glitches, it’s still out there burning wood and heating my home. The unit has already paid for itself, being as I spent just over $3,000 for it. My advice would be to check out the new design before making any purchases.

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