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Most outdoor wood burning furnaces are usually compatible with almost all HVAC systems however there are some brands that may take a few tweaking to run great with the air conditioning or heating system that you have recently purchased. Amana saves homeowners all the trouble of looking for a compatible wood burning furnaces since all its heat pump models are versatile and cost efficient. This article features Amana and how it became one of the most amazing companies that homeowners have learned to trust over the years.

Amana makes residential and light commercial central air conditioners, gas furnaces and heat pumps. The Amana trademark is owned by Maytag Corp., but is licensed and distributed by Goodman Co.. Goodman Co. it is based in Houston, Texas.

Amana markets central air conditioners and heat pumps in the Premium and Distinctions series. Both offer a range in efficiencies from 13 to 18 SEER. The company also markets gas furnaces. Furnaces feature the company’s Million-Air heat exchanger that features stainless steel tubing and assembled through a proprietary engineering technology.

Amana means high quality and durability and the company emphasizes these in all the products that it makes emphasizes quality and durability in marketing for all of its products. So if you are looking for high quality and durable heating and air conditioning appliances that will easily work with your wood burning furnace, Amana should be your brand of choice.

Where it all began

Amana was founded as Amana Refrigerator Inc. in 1934, taking its name from its city of origin, Amana, Iowa. Goodman Manufacturing purchased Amana in 1997.

How to contact AMANA

Consumer Affairs
7401 Security Way
Houston, TX 77040

Phone: (877) 254-4729

Amana warranty

Amana provides limited information on their standard warranty. There is a 10-year limited warranty on parts and, for certain products, a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner for air conditioner/heat pump compressors and for gas furnace heat exchangers and recuperative coils. For this warranty to apply, you must register with Amana within 60 days of installation. Extended service agreements also are available.

Reviews for interested customers:
“Amana is amazing”
I’ve had an Amana for over 11 years and have had no problems. I believe the problem is not the unit but mostly Amana’s customer service. I recently sold my house and had to install a new furnace at my new place. I am receiving a 10-year parts and labor warranty from a local heating contractor named Bosco. I have been a customer of these guys for quite some time, mainly with plumbing. The installers were efficient and very attentive to detail. I’m extremely satisfied with their work. I came to fill in my review and was quite taken aback by the negative comments I saw here. So I felt it was necessary that someone spoke up. Most of these unsatisfied customers seem to be unsatisfied with Amana’s customer service, rather than the product. Pick the right contractors and you will be fine. I will never change from Amana nor will I use anyone other than Bosco.

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