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Most outdoor wood burning furnaces are compatible with almost all HVAC systems however there are some brands that are not able to run with just any kind of brand giving you a huge headache. Comfortmaker is a popular brand that saves homeowners all the trouble of looking for a compatible wood burning furnace since its heating appliance models are versatile and cost efficient. This article features Comfortmaker and how it became one of the most trusted companies over the years.

The Comfortmaker brand is owned by International Comfort Products Corp. (ICP), which is a subsidiary of Carrier. Comfortmaker heating and cooling products are heat pumps, air conditioners and gas furnaces.

Comfortmaker highlights among its air conditioners and heat pumps such features as the Observer Communicating System. This feature transforms individual units into a cohesive system; 2-stage scroll compressors that add to the overall quiet operation; and durable, corrosion-resistant casing. Top tier units reach up to 19 SEER. Gas furnaces such as the SoftSound include similar features as the cooling units. This unit reaches up to 97 percent efficiency, although entry-level furnaces also are available.

Where it all began

Comfortmaker was originally a brand under American Furnace Co. (AFCO) in St. Louis. In 1968, it became a division of Singer Co.’s Climate Control Division.

How to contact Comfortmaker

Comfortmaker Heating & Cooling Products
P.O. Box 128
Lewisburg, TN 37091

Phone: (931) 359-3511

Comfortmaker Warranty

Comfortmaker furnaces are backed by long-term limited warranties on major components and functional parts; a 10-year parts warranty is fairly standard. Extended coverage is available that gives 5 to 10 years of additional protection, covering all labor costs and the full cost of repairs. It has a No Hassle 5-Year Replacement Warranty on the compressor and heat exchanger. There are several rules about Comfortmaker warranty, it is only valid if

  • There is proof of yearly maintenance service by a qualified service technician.
  • The original receipts of installation and purchase are retained.
  • The serial number and model number of the unit are available.


Reviews for interested consumers

“I Purchased This Home 12/91”
I purchased this home 12/91; it came with the Comfortmaker air/heat unit. I have only had Freon, capacitor, fan, and other minor issues since 1991. I applaud the efficiency of this unit and would consider a new one. I say consider, because the newer models seem to be having a great deal more issues than the older one. I thank Comfortmaker for the service this unit has provided in my home and hope it continues for another 21 years. Sincerely.
“Unbelievably poor quality”
It’s blower only last about 1 year. I already had two blowers stop working for a little over two years. I purchased a new construction in 2010. In the winter 2011-2012, its blower died. The installer replaced the blower. I thought it was just one unlucky event. However, within less one year, the replacing blower died again yesterday. I will have installer come in today and will see what he will say and how much he will charge me.

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