About Mahoning Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace

One of the most popular names in outdoor furnaces is Mahoning. Since the company’s humble beginnings two decades ago, Mahoning has manufactured different types of furnaces and each one has its own features and advantages that consumers are looking for.

Mahoning also manufactures and sells outdoor multi-fuel furnaces.  The following fuel sources that are used by Mahoning furnaces include wood, coal, oil, propane, gas, and waste oil. It’s important to note that although wood is an ideal fuel source, a few outdoor furnaces sold in the US and Canada burn coal. These types of furnaces can be used to heat homes, pools, hot tubs, hot water systems, and are also very efficient to heat secondary buildings, such as barns and workshops.

Mahoning Outdoor models include six wood-burning furnaces. The 200, 300, 400 and 500 models can be outfitted with either a standard firebox or a multi-fuel firebox. The 600 and 700 models may only be fitted with a standard firebox. BTUs per hour vary on the multi-fuel firebox, depending on the fuel. Mahoning’s 750 model will be able to accommodate large spaces such as barns, warehouses, plants, and department stores.

To be able to ensure that your home or commercial establishment uses the most suitable Mahoning outdoor wood burning stove model, you need to contact a representative to make a careful assessment of your home or business’ heating needs. Since there are several models to choose from, selecting the ideal one will help maximize your heating costs.

Where it all began

Mahoning was started by Dale Smith in 1987, and incorporated in 1995.

How to contact Mahoning

Phone: 800-692-5200


Mahoning Outdoor Furnaces
208 Whiskey Run Road
Mahaffey, Pennsylvania 15757

Mahoning’s warranty information

Mahoning Outdoor Furnaces provides a 3-year warranty for reparation and replacement, and a 1-year warranty on all electrical components. Service contracts are also available.


Review for interested consumers
“Best investment we ever made!”
We are on the third winter of using our outdoor woodstove. I love the fact that all the mess is outside, no more inside burning. We only have to fill it twice a day when it’s below 30, once when it’s nicer out. We can have the house really warm and it just uses a little more wood. MUCH less expensive than oil or gas. The only thing I don’t like is you have to have someone tend to it if you go away in the winter. But that’s easily fixed if you get the wood to oil convertor, which will switch over and burn oil if you are away. We have only had to have one minor repair on it which was a fuse in the box because lightning struck it during a bad thunderstorm one time. It is about due for a new rope around the door to keep it sealed, smoke is starting to seep out through the door every so often. I would definitely recommend this brand to a friend. If I was starting over I would definitely buy this brand again.

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