Nature’s Comfort releases its first EPA Phase II qualified outdoor wood furnace

Nature’s Comfort’s GT-6000 passed emissions and safety testing, is Phase II qualified and is certified in New York.

Nature’s Comfort recently announced their new GT-6000 downdraft gasification outdoor wood furnace passed emissions and safety testing and was qualified under the EPA’s Phase II White Tag Hydronic Heater Program. As of April 15, 2013, it has also been approved and certified for sale in the state of New York which has very high standards and reviews testing data separately from the EPA to ensure a unit meets their criteria.

The GT-6000 high efficiency, smokeless burning, downdraft gasification outdoor wood furnace is unique in that it contains over 670lbs of firebrick which makes for a tremendous flywheel effect for storing heat and increases efficiency. Cleaning and operation is easy and the price is very competitive compared to units of similar size and heating capacity.

A tool kit is included with every unit for opening and adjusting covers, cleaning heat exchanger tubes, refractory channels and raking coals. The controls are a simple, reliable design with a shut-off switch on the front and back of the furnace. A safety switch prevents output water temperature from ever exceeding a safety standard of 204F.

Dave Nyhof, owner of Nature’s Comfort said “downdraft gasification boilers are great because there’s no smoke but anyone looking at purchasing one must be made aware that they will only work if you burn dry, seasoned hardwood. Burning wet wood cools the exhaust gases going into the secondary burn chamber and greatly hampers gasification if not eliminating it altogether, making it less efficient than a standard updraft unit.”

He added, “to properly season wood it must be cut 12-16″ long, split 6-8″ thick, stacked on rails to keep it off the ground so it doesn’t soak up moisture and be kept covered during winter and wet seasons and uncovered during sunny, dry weather to dry out for at least 1 year, preferably 2. Wood that is not cut or split takes twice as long to season and won’t dry out at all if also thrown on ground and not covered”.

He also commented that you will get out of a gasification unit what you put into it, which is not limited to just the wood used for fuel, but also the care and maintenance.

Outdoor wood boilers can be integrated into any existing heat system save for steam and using the GT-6000 can save users thousands of dollars a year, paying itself off in as little as 3 years for those who heat with propane or fuel oil.

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