Nature’s Comfort vs Daka Outdoor Wood Burning Stoves

Nature’s Comfort and Daka have been rivals in the outdoor wood burning stove scene. In a showdown of features, warranty, customer service and availability, who would win? Someone new to buying wood stoves and furnaces should compare brands before picking one. Do not overlook a product comparison since this will help you find the most suitable stove or furnace that will fit your needs.

Stoves winning features

Nature’s Comfort manufactures outdoor wood burning boilers including wood pellet and multi-fuel stoves. It has a series of boilers which range from 115,000 to 500,000 BTUs. These stoves are equipped with state of the art engineering improvements for more efficient water flow and stove controls. Designers have also come up with models that are easier to install, operate, troubleshoot and to service in case the need arises. Nature’s Comfort GT – 6000 is its first EPA Phase II Qualified Outdoor Furnace.

Daka manufactures four wood and coal – burning furnaces. These may be connected to a traditional heating system to reduce heating bills. The units are made of improved gauge steel with a cast iron door and steel-plated and firebrick-lined combustion chamber. There are optional external heat transfer fins to improve the furnaces’ heat transfer and enhance the firebox.

Who has better customer service?

Customers may contact Nature’s Comfort via phone at (877) 251 – 7740 or through email at their official site Daka customers may call 320 – 629 – 6737 or email Daka at [email protected] or use the online form at for any concerns about warranty or parts.

Better warranty period

Nature’s Comfort has a limited 20 – year warranty on the fire drum and a limited 10 – year warranty on the stove’s water jacket for manufacturer’s defects. All other parts have a 1- year warranty. The warranty covers both parts and labor. The company states that the customer should properly deliver, install and maintain the boiler to qualify for warranty. Any questions or issues about warranty should be addressed with the dealer along with your proof of purchase, proof of treatment and testing along with the appliance serial number and model number.

Daka furnaces have a 5 – year limited warranty on its combustion chamber and a 1 –year limited warranty on all the other parts of the unit. Contact your dealer for more information about your product’s warranty.


Both Nature’s Comfort and Daka Corp. are available through a local dealer near you. You may visit their official sites to locate a dealer near you or you may call customer service.

Although Daka has promising features and made of efficient materials to enhance the heating quality of the furnace, the company has limited units and every smart consumer knows that sizing a unit against the area to be heated is very important to fully maximize the system. Daka also has very limited warranty compared to Nature’s Comfort and therefore could be a hassle to consumers. Customer service is a win for Daka while Nature’s Comfort wins in all other categories.

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