Nature’s Comfort vs. Heiss Outdoor Wood Burning Stoves

Nature’s Comfort and Heiss, two of the most formidable outdoor wood burning stove brands in the market today. Consumers and homeowners choose Nature’s Comfort and Heiss stoves because of their efficiency, great features and winning customer service. But if a comparison would be made, here are the most important factors that buyers usually consider.

Stoves winning features

Nature’s Comfort’s is a leading manufacturer of outdoor wood burning stoves as well as wood pellet and multi-fuel stoves. There are boilers which range from 115,000 to 500,000 BTUs providing the most suitable heating solution for a particular living and working space. These stoves have state of the art engineering improvements for more efficient water flow and stove controls. Designers have also come up with models that are easier to install, operate, troubleshoot and to service. Aside from its regular outdoor wood burning furnaces, Nature’s Comfort offers the GT – 6000. This is its first EPA Phase II Qualified Outdoor Furnace recommended for homes as well as small businesses.

Heiss outdoor wood burning stoves on the other hand has the 3000, 5000 and the Elite models. The company also provides custom – made boilers and heaters for any size home or business.

Who has better customer service?

Customers may contact Nature’s Comfort via phone at (877) 251 – 7740 or through email at their official site Customers may contact Heiss by phone at (616) 551 – 0176 or they may send requests to Heiss Heaters at 300 Eugene St. SE Grand Rapids, MI 49507.

Best warranty support

Nature’s Comfort has a limited 20 – year warranty on the fire drum and a limited 10 – year warranty on the stove’s water jacket for manufacturer’s defects. All other parts have a 1- year warranty. The warranty covers both parts and labor. The company states that the customer should properly deliver, install and maintain the boiler to qualify for warranty.

Any questions or issues about warranty should be addressed with the dealer along with your proof of purchase, proof of treatment and testing along with the appliance serial number and model number.

Heiss has a limited 3- year warranty on their standard model furnaces and a 6 –year warranty for their Elite model. Heiss has special requirements for customers; first their antifreeze must be purchased from their company and only a Heiss technician or a certified HVAC provide the installation. The customer should present certification to avail of the warranty.


Both Nature’s Comfort and Heiss outdoor wood burning stoves are available through their respective dealers. If you are interested, contact customer service to find out a local dealer in your area.

Because of the many variety of outdoor wood burning stove models, Nature’s Comfort is more preferred by customers. Being able to choose from the many furnaces gives the customer the most suitable heating solution for their home or business. A suitable furnace will provide the most efficient heating and is safe for years and years of use at home or in any structure.

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