Nature’s Comfort vs Yukon Eagle Outdoor Wood Burning Stoves

Nature’s Comfort and Yukon Eagle, two of the most formidable outdoor wooden furnace brands in the US. Which one do you think would win in an epic battle for supremacy? Yukon Eagle has years of experience while Nature’s Comfort has a variety of models to choose from. So which is the better brand? Here is a comparison of the two furnaces using the most common factors that consumers are looking for.

Stove wining features

Nature’s Comfort’s manufactures outdoor wood burning boilers, wood pellet and multi-fuel stoves. This brand has a series of boilers that range from 115,000 to 500,000 BTUs. These stoves have great features such as more efficient water flow and stove controls. Nature’s Comfort designers have also come up with models that are easier to install, operate and to service. Nature’s Comfort GT – 6000 is its first EPA Phase II Qualified Outdoor Furnace.

Alpha American Company – Yukon Eagle has UL listed gravity/coal furnace that are designed to heat a home during power failures. There are 6 Yuko Eagle furnace models raging from whole house furnaces that can heat up to 3,000 to 4,000 square feet. The company also has wood-electric combination furnaces, a coal – wood furnace, an add-on furnace for larger homes.

Who has better customer service?

Customers may contact Nature’s Comfort via phone at (877) 251 – 7740 or through email at their official site Alpha American – Yukon Eagle customer service may be accessed via telephone at 1-800 – 358 – 0060 with customer relations available from 8 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday to Friday. Customers may also write to Alpha American Company at 10 Industrial Blvd, P.O. Box 20 Palisade, MN 56469.

Better warranty period

Nature’s Comfort has a limited 20 – year warranty on the fire drum and a limited 10 – year warranty on the stove’s water jacket for manufacturer’s defects. All other parts have a 1- year warranty. The warranty covers both parts and labor. The company states that the customer should properly deliver, install and maintain the boiler to qualify for warranty.

Any questions or issues about warranty should be addressed with the dealer along with your proof of purchase, proof of treatment and testing along with the appliance serial number and model number.

Alpha American Company provides a 30-year limited warranty. The company will replace casting or heat exchangers as a result of faulty manufacturing during the first year after purchase or within 18 months of manufacture date. After this period of time, the company provides a pro-rated price percentage to the furnace owner.


Both Nature’s Comfort and Yukon Eagle are available through a local dealer near you. You may visit their official sites to locate a dealer near you or you may call their customer service for help.

Nature’s Comfort is technically the overall winner with new features and new stove improvements. And with a variety of models, homeowners will be able to choose the most suitable outdoor wood burning furnace that will efficiently heat his home!

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