Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace and Boiler Information

Operating Your Outdoor Wood Burning Stove Like a Pro

Check out these 5 best outdoor wood burning furnace operation tips. Not just will these tips approve your guarantee, they will likewise augment the life of your furnace:

Water Treatment

Make beyond any doubt you take a yearly water test from your heater and send it to the heater manufacturer with the expectation of complimentary testing.

Ash Removal

You must expel ALL the fiery debris from your heater in any event once a month. In the event that you do it more than once a month, that is fine, yet the base ought to be once every month. This implies you rub the base of the firebox totally clean.

Chimney Extensions

This tip is anything but difficult to take after: on the off chance that you need a smokestack expansion you must have a “triple-divider” INSULATED stack augmentation. In the event that you have an UN-protected fireplace augmentation introduced in your heater, uproot it instantly. Without the protection an exceedingly acidic buildup structures within the smokestack, dribbles down into the firebox and will eat through any steel. In the event that you have any inquiries, or need to buy a triple divider stack expansion, please don’t hesitate to contact your approved rep or visit an online store for more data.

Overfilling the Furnace

Here’s another simple one: heater proprietors are unequivocally urged NOT to stuff their heaters, particularly no bits of wood put in the heater ought to heap over the level of the top entryway pivot. Likewise, don’t permit coal or wood to touch the entryway or the door jamb. To keep this, wood ought to be stacked into the heater no less than eight inches far from within lip/edge of the door jamb. In the event that you don’t take after this tip, over the top warmth may twist the door jamb, harm the entryway seal and abbreviate the life of your heater.

Aquastat Temperature

Keep your aquastat set at 180 degrees with a 20 degree differential. Your heater really came preset from the manufacturing plant at this temperature. In the event that you bring down your aquastat temperature beneath 160 degrees, your heater will work at temperatures underneath 140 degrees. On the off chance that this happens it will be destructive to your heater in light of the fact that dampness will gather, consumption will happen, and your heater won’t work appropriately. It would be ideal if you make certain to take after the guidelines in your proprietor’s manual and keep your aquastat set at 180 degrees with a 20 degree differential (10 degree differential for the GX arrangement heaters).¬† All these strategies will help you improve your maintenance especially when you use your outdoor wood burning stove a lot and not just during cold weather.

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