Outdoor Wood Burning Stove Maintenance Tip 1

Getting too much charcoal? Try this great tip!

During very cold weather, your coal bed usually builds up and naturally you will find that there is hardly room for more wood. And what’s worse about this is that you’re freezing. How is this possible?

The trouble is having big coal beds and this is a major problem with EPA certified non-catalytic stoves because their insulated fireboxes and high temperatures leads to burn all the volatile gases quickly and leaving a big load of charcoal.

During moderate weather coal beds are can perform an adequate heating job. But when the weather gets very cold, the coal bed is not enough to heat a house. Loads of coal gets in the way of adding more wood.

The ultimate solution to improve your home heating and at the same time maintain your outdoor wood burning stove is to rake the coals towards the primary air inlet. Afterwards, place one log in the middle of the pile of coals and burn it fast. Air on almost all modern wood stoves will exit towards the air wash for the glass therefore you should rake towards the direction of the glass door.

To further describe this technique, a huge coal bed usually accumulates when the weather is below -20°C (-2°F). At one point one of your fire bricks will surely crack however you should never have to worry unless the fire starts to fall out and at this time you should start replacing it.

Before you replace your cracked fire brick, rake coals towards the door. Create a pile of charcoal just inside the loading door. The pile should be able to take two or mode logs at the same time. Place a small split log on top of the charcoal and this time; turn the air control up full. You can actually place three logs at the same time on the bed if it is big enough.  This technique will not just efficiently burn your log; it will also consume the coal bed and create a lot of heat. And heat is what we need when the weather is freezing cold outside!

When the log has been completely burned down to charcoal, the coal bed also becomes smaller. If you have a bigger coal bed you can skip the single log routine and burn two to three logs at a time!

Note that after each log is burned, your coal bed will also be reduced which will not just make it more efficient to heat your home but you are also getting the most out of your logs and saving some for the cold days that are yet to come!

This is a very simple and efficient tip that will not just improve your indoor heating but will also clean your outdoor wood burning stove in the process. Make sure you use a raking tool or a corresponding instrument to use to rake coals. You can use this technique for fireplaces, wood burning heaters and other heating equipment using wood.


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