Outdoor Wood Burning Stove Maintenance Tip 5

Proper ash disposal is a must!

If you are used to dumping ash from your outdoor wood burning stove straight to your trash bin then you may be placing your family’s life in danger. Do you know that ash could still contain cinders? Cinders could still incinerate and cause a small fire. And if you dumped ashes in a garbage bin full of paper, plastic and other dry trash, you could soon be up against a blazing inferno!

There are best practices on how you should safely remove and dispose ashes from your wood stove. Check out the following safe tips:

  • Allow the ash to fully cool before you place this in a container that will resist burning like a metal container.  You should have this metal container handy whenever you are cleaning your outdoor wood burning stove.
  • Ash is considered a waste product. Ash is composed of materials that will never burn by fire at that temperature. Hotter fires leave less ash but you’re not getting that with an outdoor wood stove. Therefore it is very important to remove ash and to never allow ash to accumulate in the stove so your stove will burn warmer and brighter fires.
  • There are plenty of uses of ash so save it for these purposes. Ash may be used as a fertilizer while some kinds could be used as a weed killer. It would be best to try out some ash and mix it with soil to get great results. Test it out on some plants before you apply it all over your garden.
  • Disposing ash is not merely dumping them wherever you can. Ash contains lye which can seep through a water source. Therefore you should never dump it or bury it near a deep well or water source or in fields where grazing animals eat. Remember that some forms of ash could be dangerous to animals too.
  • Ask around for people looking for ash. Local farmers may need ash for their farms or you may try gardeners. Regardless of who needs ash you should check local rules on how to recycle ash and how to dump them. Always follow regulations to avoid polluting the environment.

Keep your outdoor wood burning stove more efficient by cleaning and removing ashes regularly. You and your family will be able to live more comfortably without worry of inefficient heating when you strive to maintain an efficient wood burning stove. Here are more tips to consider:

  1. Make use of your stove’s great functions. Open your stove’s door to completely access the inside of your furnace so you can sweep or scoop away ash and arrange coals for efficient heating.  If you are fortunate enough to have an NC boiler, you can simply sweep the ash into the disposable ashpan and pull out the ashpan and dump your ashes that way.
  2. Ash trays are a blessing so keep this clean and clear at all cost. Follow proper disposal of ashes and cinders.
  3. Burn only cord wood and nothing more. Non-cord wood materials will only pollute your home and backyard and could lead to accumulation of noxious fumes and dangerous residue along with ashes.

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