Outdoor Wood Furnace Prices for Nature’s Comfort

Check out our unbeatable outdoor wood furnace prices below!

Nature's Comfort outdoor wood furnace prices

Solar Water Heaters Price
SM-H60 Solar Water Heater $1,995
SM-V30 Solar Water Heater $2,195


Pellet Stoves Price
NC-30 Pellet Stove $1,950
NC-40 Pellet Stove $2,395


Wood Boilers Price
NCB-80 Outdoor Wood Boiler Sale $3,480 $3,880
NCB-120 Outdoor Wood Boiler $5,280
NCB-175 Outdoor Wood Boiler
For 3/8″ firebox thickness, add $200.
NCB-250 Outdoor Wood Boiler
For 3/8″ firebox thickness, add $200.
NCB-275G Outdoor Wood Boiler $7,880
NCB-325G Outdoor Wood Boiler $8,480
NCB-400G Outdoor Wood Boiler $9,480
GT-6000 Outdoor Wood Boiler New! $8,980


COAL Boilers Price
NCB-120-COAL Outdoor Coal Boiler $5,980
NCB-175-COAL Outdoor Coal Boiler
For 3/8″ firebox thickness, add $200.
NCB-250-COAL Outdoor Coal Boiler
For 3/8″ firebox thickness, add $200.
NCB-275G-COAL Outdoor Coal Boiler
For 3/8″ firebox thickness, add $200.
NCB-325G-COAL Outdoor COAL Boiler $9,080
NCB-400G-COAL Outdoor COAL Boiler $10,080


Why Are Our Nature’s Comfort Outdoor Wood Boiler Prices Such A Great Deal For You?

You can save thousands of dollars on heating your home during the warranty period alone! With our affordable outdoor furnace prices you can finally eliminate those budget-killing heating bills for good! With proper maintenance & operation you can get 30+ of reliable service out of your wood burner.

  • Nature’s Comfort wood stoves are built to our exact specifications by our manufacturing locations in Shipshewana, Indiana. With our design and specifications and the many years of experience our manufacturing locations have, you can be assured you’re getting the highest quality outdoor wood furnace made for your dollar.
  • Up to 100% financing available! When you decide to act on our amazing outdoor boiler prices and purchase a Nature’s Comfort Outdoor Wood Burner, you should ask about loans and financing. If you qualify, you can get 100% of your purchase financed.
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Also, just a reminder.  At the end of the 2015 year, our outdoor wood burning furnace prices will increase due to the EPA regulations that passed that states all wood boilers must be EPA approved!  We will still have an outdoor wood furnace for sale at the end of 2015; however, it will be our upcoming Phase III Qualified EPA wood stove.

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