Outdoor Wood Furnace Reviews and Testimonials

Prices of several items and commodities today are getting high, and the bills that we pay for our electricity and water are not exempted from this. It is only natural that we look for alternative ways on spending our resources in order to cut down our expenses. Heating our home is one of the essential, but costly, expenses that we maintain in order to survive the cold. The use of electricity or fuels like kerosene are the traditional ways that we heat our homes. However, these options come with a price, and long term usage by these means can prove to be rather hard on our budget. The use of an outdoor wood furnace is a good alternative and is far cheaper compared to the traditional means of heating your home. Because of this, more and more people are now entertaining the idea of setting up outdoor wood furnaces for their homes.

Let us first discuss what an outdoor wood furnace is and how it exactly works. This system actually uses wood as a resource in order to provide heat to your house. Generally, an outdoor wood furnace consists of a firebox with a chimney, and the firebox has a grate with powered blower. At least a 120 gallon water jacket surrounds the firebox which stores heated water. A pump is also located at the back of the outdoor wood furnace, and the resultant heat is sent to the house through an insulated PEX line. This forms a loop from the heat exchanger on the furnace and the water heater located inside the house. Occasionally, a second pump would be installed if more connections are needed as in the case of heating a pool, a sauna, or a hot tub. So basically when wood is placed and burned inside the furnace, it heats up the water placed in the water jacket to a suitable degree. This water then travels through the pipes, which are insulated to preserve the temperature, and are mostly situated underground. The pipes then lead to the heating system that you are using in your house, whether it is a forced air furnace with water heater, a direct plumbed boiler, or a boiler with a baseboard heat.

There are many benefits to using outdoor wood burning furnaces. First, as mentioned, cost is a major factor that convinces people into deciding to buy an outdoor wood burning furnace. Wood is cheaper when compared to other forms of fuel. In addition, wood is a renewable energy, so there are limited concerns regarding its depletion. Another advantage is that since these stoves are located around 30 to 500 feet from the house, the risk of fire in your house is also decreased. An outdoor wood burning furnace is connected to a heat system in your house, so this means that it can also heat several buildings, or part of the house, all at once. This can include a stand-alone garage, a shed, or even multiple homes.

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There is a great deal of information to get from Nature’s Comfort by simply visiting their website. If you have problems with the installation of these outdoor wood furnaces, you can check tutorial videos on their website. Also, you can read several outdoor wood furnace reviews and testimonials on the site regarding their products and services to further convince you of the many benefits you can enjoy by purchasing an outdoor wood furnace from Nature’s Comfort.  In fact, you can watch a video of all of our reviews below:

Ensuring that you home has an excellent system for heating is a wise investment. A well-insulated home gives you comfort even during the coldest part of winter. A high quality outdoor wood furnace is an efficient way of heating your home, and Nature’s Comfort can provide you with furnaces that suit you best.


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