Pellet Stove Warranty

5 Year Limited Warranty

Nature’s Comfort LLC, of Shipshewana, IN 46565 warrants any defects in material and workmanship on the pellet stove for a period of 5 years for the body of the stove, 2 years for electrical components and various parts and 1 year for labor (see explanation table below). The warranty starts from the purchase date and applies to the original owner only and is non-transferrable. If there is a problem with your properly delivered, installed and maintained Nature’s Comfort pellet stove, the defective portion will be repaired or replaced according to the warranty period.

This warranty is limited to defective parts and excludes any incidental and consequential damages connected therewith. Damage caused by abuse, neglect, accidents, improper installation, customer or dealer modification will not be covered under warranty. Damage caused by burning flammable materials (example: petroleum products) or any other non-approved material will not be covered under warranty. Nature’s Comfort does not warranty its pellet stoves against environmental conditions it cannot control. Nature’s Comfort does not warranty or guarantee against your areas governing laws or changes to them that will affect the use or non-use of the unit. There is no written or implied performance warranty on the stove as Nature’s Comfort has no control over the installation, daily operations, insulation value of a structure, maintenance or what is burned in the stove. Nature’s Comfort will not cover or be held responsible for any cost of pellet fuel burned in excess of what is expected or considered normal as installation, structure size and insulation conditions are out of its control.

Nature’s Comfort is not responsible for shipping charges. On-sight non-warranty service work will be determined at the discretion of your dealer. Please contact your dealer for their current non-warranty rates. Labor for repairing or replacing parts under warranty will be covered by your dealer for the first year. If your dealer no longer exists, please contact Nature’s Comfort via email: [email protected] If you do not have email you may call 877-251-7740.

A Nature’s Comfort’s pellet stove is not meant to be your sole source of heat and a backup system should be in place. If you do not have a backup source of heat you are at risk of damage due to lack of heat. Nature’s Comfort will not warranty or be responsible for any damage that is caused by lack of heat at your premises.

Nature’s Comfort Warranty Timeline Description:

Year 1 Coverage: Stove Body, Electrical Components and Labor (Labor to be provided by your dealer)

Stove Body: Exterior Metals, Burn Pot, Heat Exchanger, Door Assembly

Electrical Components: Control Panel, Power Distributer, Hopper Lid Switch, Vacuum Switch, Convection Fan, Exhaust Blower, Auger Motor, Temperature Sensors, Igniter

Other Components: Vermiculite Boards

Exclusions: Glass, Gaskets

Year 2 Coverage: Stove Body, Electrical Parts

Stove Body: Exterior Metals, Burn Pot, Heat Exchanger, Door Assembly

Electrical Components: Control Panel, Power Distributer, Hopper Lid Switch, Vacuum Switch, Convection Fan, Exhaust Blower, Auger Motor, Temperature Sensors, Igniter

Exclusions: Glass, Gaskets, Vermiculite Boards, Labor

Years 3-5 Coverage: Stove Body

Stove Body: Exterior Metals, Burn Pot, Heat Exchanger, Door Assembly

Exclusions: Glass, Gaskets, Vermiculite Boards, Electrical Components, Labor

Conditions & Exclusions

  1. The appliance must be installed by a qualified technician. It must be installed, operated and maintained in strict accordance with the instructions in the owner’s manual. Any alteration, abuse, neglect, or misuse of the product shall nullify this warranty.
  2. This warranty is not transferable and is made to the original purchaser only, provided that the purchase was made through an authorized Nature’s Comfort dealer.
  3. Paint discoloration, minor expansion, contraction, or movement of certain parts and resulting noise is normal and not a defect and is not covered under warranty.
  4. The warranty, as outlined within this document, does not apply to external chimney components or other accessories used in conjunction with the installation of this appliance.
  5. This warranty is void if:
    1. The unit is subject to submersion in water or prolonged periods of dampness, wetness or condensation.
    2. There is any damage to the unit, combustion chamber, heat exchanger or other components due to water or weather damage which is a result of but not limited to, improper chimney/venting installation.
    3. Exclusions of this warranty include: injury, loss of use, damage, failure to function due to accident, negligence, misuse, improper installation, alteration or adjustment of the manufacturers settings of components, lack of proper and regular maintenance, damage incurred while the appliance is in transit for repair, alterations or acts of God.
  6. This warranty excludes damage caused by normal wear and tear, such as paint discoloration or chipping, worn or torn gasketing, etc. Also excluded is damage caused by abuse, improper installation, modification of the unit or use of fuel other than that for which the unit is configured and approved for use with.
  7. This warranty is the only warranty supplied by Natures Comfort LLC. All other warranties, whether expressed or implied, are hereby expressly disclaimed and purchaser’s recourse is expressly limited to the warranties set forth herein.
  8. The manufacturer’s total responsibilities and liabilities shall be to repair or replace the defective part(s). All costs of removal, shipment to and from the dealer or Nature’s Comfort, losses during shipment, reinstallation and any other losses or expenses due to the stove being removed shall be covered by the owner of the stove.

Warranty Procedure

All claims under this warranty must be made through the dealer where the stove was purchased. If you discover a problem that you believe is covered by this warranty, you must contact your Nature’s Comfort dealer, giving them proof of purchase including stove purchase date, model and serial number.

If an inspection by the dealer indicates that a warranty claim is justified and that all conditions of this warranty have been met, Nature’s Comfort has the option of having the defective part either repaired or replaced by your dealer according to the above warranty. If unable to repair or replace your appliance’s defect on-site, you may be required to ship your appliance with return freight charges prepaid to Natures Comfort. Natures Comfort will at its option repair or replace your appliance free of charge if it is found to be defective in materials or workmanship within the time frames stated within this warranty. Claims made after warranty expiration will not be honored even if a part had failed during the warranty period.

This warranty is subject to change without notification. Please visit for the most up to date warranty and installation information.

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