Radiant Floor Install Kit

Our radiant floor install kit includes 7mm foam insulation, 1/2″ Cross-link Pex, Quik-Clips and Electrical sweep 90
All for .95 per sq foot! Compare that with the competition which has some prices up to 2.50 per sq.ft.
Home owner to purchase wire 4′ X 10′ or 8′ X 15′ X 6″ oc,  2″ Dow or equal Styrofoam for perimeter. And concrete our recommendation for residential is 6 sack with 1 pound fiber for commercial 6 sack with 1 1/2 pound fiber,
We can make up a manifold system up to 6 ports in concrete 1500 sq.ft. and in floor joist 1800 sq. ft.  Call Nature’s Comfort for pricing today!
Radiant Install Kit
Programmable Thermostat
Mounting board
6 Port Manifold
40 Plate
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