About Shaver Outdoor Wood Burning Stove

Shaver outdoor wood furnace is owned by Weld Rite, Inc. Shaver is a wood burning standalone outdoor water heating wood furnace that may be used with a wide variety of heating systems such as forced air, radiators, baseboard hot water systems, radiant floor systems, driveway heating, hot tubs, and pools.

Shaver Furnace began their outdoor wooden furnaces in 1972. It claims to have been the first company to market. The Shaver Furnace burns big rounds, 30″ long firewood (no need to split or cut short pieces). A Shaver standard furnace will heat up to 4,000 sq. ft. (5,000 sq ft in temperate climates). They create custom build any size of larger furnace needed and have models readily available that will heat 8,000+ sq. ft spaces. Prices vary for a Shaver and these start at $4,277. Their more popular model is the Shaver 165. You should check out Shaver’s official site for more details about their varied product line and how to place your custom-made furnace.

Where it all began

Shaver Furnace is a private family-owned company and was established in 1972 and then it was preceded by Shaver Heating and Air, a father-and-son operation that was founded in 1950. The Shavers began to develop their first prototype outdoor wood furnace for use in their own home in the 1960s.

You should trust only a Shaver representative to help you find a suitable Shaver outdoor wood burning furnace. Various online sites dedicated for outdoor wood furnaces can help consumers find qualified pre-screened contractors.

How to contact Shaver

Phone: 870-895-3111


Shaver Furnace
c/o Weld Rite Inc.
328 Hwy 62 West
Salem, AR 72576

Shaver’s warranty

The Shaver Wood Furnace comes standard with a 20-YEAR limited warranty and a 5-YEAR on-site all inclusive warranty. You should call a Shaver representative or contact their hotline for more information about the company’s warranty.


Reviews for interested consumers
“Worst boiler ever”
Stay away from the leaks, wood hog, pump, blower and fitting problems. They say they have a warranty until you try to use it. This is a piece of, well, you know what. The EPA has changed the way all wood-fired stoves, heaters and fireplaces are built this coming year, 2015. So maybe that will weed out the bad companies like Shaver. Shaver has taken over another brand, Natures Comfort, due to their crap and the new EPA guidelines. They got away with selling these pieces of **** so I would stay away from that brand too. They will treat the warranty the same and probably lower the workmanship to save money. I’ve had my Shaver 165 since 2010 and nothing but problems – two leaks and three pumps went out, and one blower and bad fittings. The flue is on its way out, too, on this thing, due to poor workmanship. Also, after this year, it will be harder to have these older, lower efficiency wood boilers repaired after the middle of 2015.
“Unsatisfied customer”
I’m very unsatisfied with my Shaver wood furnace. You need to add water daily, there is condensation everywhere, it uses more wood than any other wood furnaces in my area, and it has a low heat exchange. I would not wish this stove on anyone. Stay away from these furnaces, is my advice.

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