Some Myths and Truths about Wood Burning Stoves


Wood burning devices regardless of what their image and model don’t create BTU’s.

Wood has BTU. The more wood you can put in there the more BTU you will get out. In the event that one complains that his new wood stove is not sufficiently warming, it must be on account of the unit was not measured suitably or the fuel is lacking.

A pound of wood is worth around 8,000 BTU at 15% moisture.

Wood blazes best between 15% to 20% stickiness. Over that it is viewed as “wet” and its BTU yield is impressively diminished. This is on account of the first period of burning is to dispose of dampness out of the wood. Along these lines all the beginning caloric vitality (warmth) needs to bubble off water first.

Smoke consolidates at around 250 degrees.

In this manner, on the grounds that wet wood takes more time to achieve gas burning (noticeable flares) you will see a great deal of smoke until you can move beyond as far as possible. The more it stays underneath that range the more creosote it creates.

A wood stove is fundamentally a carburetor.

You have fuel and oxygen. You likewise have a third part – Heat. These three elements must be adjusted precisely to give best efficiencies and smolder time.

Trying to concentrate more warmth from EPA wood stoves with warmth recovering devices really corrupts the use of the unit.

The unit will take more time to achieve ideal temperature and won’t stay as long in the ‘sweet spot’ of optional ignition. This will result in a cooler flame chamber, more smoke, more creosote, deficient burning and poor draft.

Start your flame with little dry fuel and get a little extraordinary flame set quickly to get your draft secured.

At that point continue including greater and greater dry bits of wood until the greatest is no greater than 6″ to 8″ max. Little parts offer more surface territory for gasses to escape and charcoal stage to start. A major round log takes more time to become acquainted with; dampness needs to take after the grain and can just dissipate at either end in this way avoiding ignition and expanding creosote.

Wood blazing machines regardless of what their image and model don’t’ ‘draft’. It’s a dark square box made out of metal with no moving parts.

Wood stove does not ‘draft’. On the off chance that you have drafting issues or smoke in the house take a gander at the accompanying: Poor fireplace outline barometric weight, temperature differential, length of chimney stack, house under negative weight, wet wood and numerous different variables however never a wood stove issue.

Taking everything into account, the distinction between another EPA high productivity wood blazing apparatus and the old one is the new machine controls the burning a great deal more tightly. Both will yield the same BTU every pound of wood. In any case, the old one will smolder a considerable measure quicker and squander more than half of its vitality in the fireplace. The new EPA stoves then again will control and upgrade the burning for a clean, proficient and durable smolder.

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