About Taylor Outdoor Wood Burning Furnaces

Taylor is an outdoor wood burning stove or outdoor wood furnace brand that has been around for years. It has several furnace models to its name and it boasts of energy-efficient and low particle emissions. The fact that these furnaces are installed outdoors, the risk of an indoor fire is totally eliminated. Taylor furnaces works with all kinds of indoor heating systems.

Taylor, Inc. specializes in wood-fired furnaces that transfer heat to your commercial establishment or residence just like conventional gas or oil-fired boilers. When Taylor outdoor wood burning furnaces are used in cold weather, there will be uninterrupted heat for indoor comfort and an abundant supply of domestic hot water.

Taylor’s three outdoor models are well-insulated and this allows them to provide high heat outputs. The T-450H, the smallest, can produce from 115,000 to 315,000 BTUs per hour over a space of 2,000 square feet. This model would easily warm and provide an abundant supply of hot water suitable for a good-sized farmhouse minus smoke discharge, dirt and ashes. This wood burning furnace is situated outdoors and this eliminates indoor fire hazards. The middle-sized model, T-750H, has a heat output from 165,000 to 550,000 BTUs per hour which makes it ideal for larger homes. The T-1,000 is designed for commercial buildings with an overall heat output of 250,000 to 710,000 BTUs per hour. Secondary gases can burn 1,200 degrees, and the firebox is able to generate heat since it is able to accommodate large amounts of wood or coal.

Taylor’s warranty

Taylor Outdoor Furnaces provides a 6-year warranty for residential furnaces and 1-year warranty for commercial and industrial furnaces.

Contacting Taylor

Phone: 610-756-6968

Taylor Wood and Coal Stoves
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Taylor reviews for interested customers
“2nd Taylor T-450”
We installed our first Taylor t-450 in 1990. It lasted 15 years, at which time a leak developed in the middle of the heating season. The leak was minor and we were able to run the stove for the rest of the season without problems. During the 15 years, we replaced blower fans twice and a circulation pump once–no other problems. In 2006, we traded the old stove in for a new T-450, which had a similar design but was constructed with stainless. This unit has basically been problem free, except for a warped door which had failed welds at the corners. I removed the door and had a machine shop straighten and re-weld the door. New gaskets were installed too.
“Worst company I’ve ever had to deal with.”
My T-1000 is just now 3 years old and it has a big hole in it above the fire door. I called Taylor to see about the warranty and the man I talked to pretty much laughed in my face. I paid nearly $10,000 for this furnace and they won’t stand behind their 6-year warranty? This is crazy and I am going to tell all I can what a rip-off company Taylor is!


“Warranty no good unless you take back to factory”
If furnace has water leaks you have to take furnace out and rent a truck or trailer. Stove wieght is appox 1600 punds. Miss work, pay for motel and wait till its repaired — that’s what I was told by factoy rep. I am very sorry I purchaced this t450 furnace. I live in West Virginia — they are located in North Carolina.This was not told to me when looked at this funnace. They told me I had a 5year warranty. But now the warranty is only good if you take it back to factory.

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