The Truth about the Ban on the Use of Outdoor Wood Furnaces

Are outdoor wood burning stoves and furnaces safe to use? This is one of the most popular questions of people that have never used this heating system before. Most think that since it burns wood and expels smoke it is damaging to the environment. Believe it or not, there are even people that believe that outdoor wood furnaces are banned in some states in the US which seriously affects their choices in looking for the ideal heating alternative.

The truth about this so-called ban on outdoor wood furnaces and stoves

Have several states banned the use of outdoor wood furnaces? Actually, there have never been any kind of ban in the use and the installation of outdoor wood furnace in the US. The States of Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maryland, Pennsylvania New York, Rhode Island, Oregon and Indiana have regulated the use of outdoor furnaces when it comes to emissions and may include other requirements such as setbacks, chimney height and proper fuel use requirements.

Connecticut regulates outdoor wood furnaces for setbacks, chimney height and proper fuel use requirements however the state does not regulate particulate emissions. You should regularly check applicable codes and regulations before installing your outdoor wood burning furnace. And aside from these, here are some tips that you should follow:

  1. Subscribe to the EPA site blog so you will have up to the minute news and posts about any new guidelines on the use of outdoor wood burning stoves and furnaces. You can visit EPA at
  2. Aside from being up to date in EPA guidelines you should also choose stoves and furnaces that follow EPA guidelines. You can tell that the product or appliance you are purchasing follows EPA guidelines when it comes with a tag. All wood stoves manufactured with this tag means that it is efficient and clean to use.
  3. An outdoor wood burning stove will only be efficient when it is used efficiently as well. This is why EPA and other organizations that use wood stoves have formulated best burn practices for homeowners. These practices ensure that people will be able to use the right kind of fuel as well as use the best processes to start and maintain fires. Therefore it is not merely about starting a fire but there are strategies to easily start a fire as well as well as keep the fire burning without resulting to emissions and pollution.
  4. If you live in a state or country without any kind of regulation regarding the use of outdoor wood burning stoves, it is not an excuse to be ignorant of the advantages of using wood burning stoves. You could start your own rules as well as your own techniques in the use of wood burning stoves. Getting other homeowners involved will also be a great help. By following all these, you will certainly be able to enjoy using your own outdoor wood burning stove and of course enjoy endless heating and hot water even during cold days.

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