Types of Outdoor Wood Stoves to Choose From

Today, as energy costs are gradually increasing, more and more people are looking for alternative ways on using cheaper means of energy. Heating our homes using traditional means such as electricity or other fuels, for example, can be very expensive especially during the cold days of winter. In addition, the supply of fuels like kerosene or LPG are dwindling, and further use of these fuels may actually deplete our resources. Fortunately, one of the most economical solutions to address this growing concern is the simple use of wood. Outdoor wood boilers provide an excellent alternative for several households to use in providing heat to house.

In order to consider this, it is vital to discuss what outdoor wood stoves actually are. Generally speaking, these outdoor wood burning stoves are self-contained buildings which may resemble something like a shed. They are situated on a distance (30-500 ft.) from the house. It has several components and some of the most important components to get to know are the firebox, the area which contains water, a water piping and an insulation jacket. Specifically, the outdoor wood burning stove works by placing wood inside the boiler or stove which raises the temperature of the water. This heated water travels through insulated pipes, carried underground, and delivered to your home or even to other buildings. This general idea explains how these boilers provide heat for the building and at times, even hot water as well.

There are several reasons why you should choose an outdoor wood stove as a means of providing heat to your home. The best reason is the lower expenses that you will enjoy by using these boilers. Wood is way cheaper compared to fuels like LPG or kerosene. Some people living in tree-rich lands can even get wood for free. The long term expenses seen in using outdoor wood burning stoves are thus significantly decreased as well. Another benefit you can enjoy is the added safety to your home, particularly regarding fire issues. These stoves are located outside and there is a significant distance between the house and the stove, unlike an indoor wood stove, which places your house at risk of fire. An outdoor wood burning stove is also generally compatible with central heating and air systems as well, and can even be used for hot tubs or pools. This is a huge advantage over typical indoor wood stoves which usually only heat a limited area and will also require a chimney to dissipate smoke. Outdoor stoves are able to do this because instead of directly providing heat, they heat water in the unit, which then gets circulated into the forced air heating system located in the house.

If you are looking for outdoor wood stoves for sale, you can go to Nature’s Comfort and they will have everything you look for in a wood stove. They specialize in the production of high quality and reliable outdoor wood burning stove which are perfect for your home needs. The Outdoor wood stove that Nature’s Comfort manufactures is also compatible with the various heating systems that you have in your home like forced air furnaces and water heaters; a direct plumbed boiler; and a boiler with a baseboard heat. In addition, you can also choose the type of outdoor wood stove that tailor-fit your personal needs. For example, the NCB-80 model is perfect for heating your home. It is cheapest and they carry features like 115,000 British Thermal Unit (BTU), a Water Jacket of 80 gallons, a heating area which measures up to 2000 sq.ft, and it weighs around 1050 pounds. When your home demands greater heating power, there are also other models like the NCB-250 that you can consider. They provide a higher BTU of 300,000, a heating area of up to 6000 square feet, a water jacket of 250 gallons, and it weighs 2114 pounds. For even greater needs, there is also the NCB-400G which has a BTU of 500,000, a heating area of up to 12,000 square feet, a water jacket of 400 gallons, and it weighs 2613 pounds. Of course, the NCB-400G comes with a much greater cost compared with the NCB-80.  These are just some of the few examples of outdoor wood stoves for sale that you can choose from with Nature’s Comfort. You can also visit their website at naturescomfortllc.com to view the complete list of their current products as well as for several outdoor wood stove reviews.

Overall, the use of an outdoor wood stove is a far safer and efficient means than any other heating system. Although it is true that the initial investment can be quite hefty, its long term cost effective benefits can surely make up for it. If you have the available land and the money, you should definitely think about installing a stove for your home use. Nature’s Comfort has all that you need for the best outdoor wood stove for your home.

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