Will My Outdoor Wood Burning Stove Be a Nuisance to My Neighbors?

If you live in a small community or in the city, you are surely pay a lot of importance to what your neighbors think and say, as they are to you. This is a very important factor that binds communities and neighbors together.

And possibly one thing that keeps you from using an outdoor wood burning stove is the thought that it will be a nuisance to the community especially to your neighbors. But are outdoor stoves really a nuisance? Is there a way to use this efficient heating appliance and at the same time be concerned about your neighbors’ safety?

A concerned individual who is interested in using an outdoor wood burning stove is having cold feet on his plans. He is concerned of what his neighbors would think and would not want to cause any trouble in his peaceful community. He is asking if outdoor furnaces and stoves are really a nuisance to neighbors. Some facts about outdoor furnaces from a leading company such as Nature’s Comfort come to his rescue with the following facts:

  • When your outdoor furnace is installed and operated properly, it will provide a safe, cost-effective and environmentally responsible alternative for home heating. Therefore users should follow the ideal installation requirements and operation steps to ensure that their stoves or furnaces operate safely and will never be a menace to the family and their neighbors.
  • The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) (E2618), EPA (Test Method 28 OWHH and Method 28 WHH) on testing standards and with state and local governments have appropriate regulations to prevent and/or correct misuse of outdoor wood furnaces and this includes burning anything other than the manufacturer’s listed fuels and operating with too short of a chimney. You should therefore trust only companies that follow standards and regulations by the EPA for outdoor wood burning stoves and furnaces as well as the American Society of Testing and Materials. You can find this out by checking out companies’ official site.
  • You should always follow the best burn practices recommended by the EPA as well as state regulating agencies and groups. By following these practices you will be able to ensure the safety of the use of your wood burning stoves and furnaces at all times. You will be able to find best burn practices at http://www2.epa.gov/residential-wood-heaters/understanding-residential-wood-heater-rules.
  • You should be aware of all new guidelines released by EPA and other accredited associations in your area regarding the use of outdoor wood burning stoves and furnaces. New stoves and furnaces built and sold should have the EPA tag which means that the product follows safety as well as efficiency. If you live outside the US, it would be best to acquaint yourself of the rules that are followed in your area.
  • You should clean your outdoor wood burning stoves and furnaces regularly; hiring an experienced contractor to clean and perform repairs will help you maintain your appliance in tip top shape. This ensures that your outdoor stove or furnace will never be a nuisance in your community.

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