Wood Boiler Warranty

The Nature’s Comfort 20 Year Limited Warranty

Nature’s Comfort LLC, of Shipshewana, IN 46565 warrants material and labor on any defects in workmanship on the fire drum for a period of 20 years from the purchase date to the original owner only (see proration below) and on the water jacket for a period of 10 years from the purchase date to the original owner only (see proration below). If there is a leak in your properly delivered, installed and maintained Nature’s Comfort boiler, we will cover repair costs for the first 5 years and prorated after that (see below). Repair can be denied if the unit’s water jacket has exceeded 220 degrees. The aquastat must be set so the water jacket temperature never falls below 150F otherwise condensation will be created on the inside of the firebox and will cause corrosion that is not covered under warranty.

This warranty is limited to defective parts and excludes any incidental and consequential damages connected therewith. Nature’s Comfort does not warranty damage or malfunction to any interior portion of the boiler caused by ash corrosion or allowing the unit to overheat. All interior portions (especially corners) must have the ash stirred daily to prevent caking and be completely cleaned out of all ashes and creosote a minimum of 2 times per year, half way through the heating season and at the end of heating season (the NCB-80 must be completely cleaned of all ash bi-weekly). The chimney must be covered or have a rain cap when the boiler is not in use. Caulk around chimney and float stack must be inspected frequently and re-sealed if necessary. Caulk sealant and rope gaskets are not covered under this warranty. Damage caused by abuse, neglect, accidents, improper installation, customer or dealer modification, overheating and/or freezing will not be covered under warranty. Damage caused by burning flammable materials (i.e. petroleum products), wet (green) wood or anything other than dry coal or dry, seasoned cordwood will not be covered under warranty. Nature’s Comfort does not warranty boilers against environmental conditions out of its control. Nature’s Comfort does not warranty or guarantee against your area’s governing laws or changes in your area’s governing laws that will affect the use or non-use of the unit.

Nature’s Comfort is not responsible for replacement of water, water treatment, antifreeze and glycol, costs of transportation or shipping charges. On sight non-warranty parts and labor will be provided at the discretion of your dealer. Please contact your dealer for their current non-warranty rates. Labor is not covered for repairing or replacing electrical or other componenets not a part of the welded assembly that is under warranty.

Nature’s Comfort’s wood boilers are not meant to be your sole source of heat. It is the responsibility of the owner to have a backup system in place. If you do not have a backup source of heat you are at risk of damage due to lack of heat. Nature’s Comfort will not warranty or be responsible for any damage caused by lack of heat at your premises or for any cost incurred from using a backup heat system in the event of a boiler failure.

There is no written or implied performance warranty on the boiler as Nature’s Comfort has no control over the installation, structure insulation, maintenance, daily operation and heating demand on a unit or what is burned in the boiler. Nature’s Comfort will not cover or be held responsible for any cost of wood or coal burned in excess of what is expected or considered normal as installation, fuel being used, structure size and insulation conditions are out of its control.

Treatment & Testing

Your boiler must have “Nature’s Comfort Boiler Treatment” added during initial filling with water, antifreeze or glycol and a water sample must be submitted for nitirite testing when first filled and then annually at the end of a heating season to ensure proper nitrite concentration (1,000-1,500ppm) for your warranty to remain valid. The water jacket must remain full of properly treated water at all times after installation save for draining, flushing and re-treating. Minimum recommended initial mix ratios for each boiler is (an officially approved nitrite test must still be performed after treating): NCB-80 – 1/2gal, NCB-120 – 3/4gal, NCB-175 – 1gal, NCB-250 & GT-6000 – 1-1/4gal, NCB-275G – 1-1/2gal, NCB-325G – 1-3/4gal, NCB-400G – 2gal. For adding treatment to increase the nitrite level in an existing system, 1 cup/100gal = 200ppm (2qt/100gal = 1,600ppm) Contact Nature’s Comfort or your dealer to obtain water treatment. You must have your water tested for nitrites by your dealer or Nature’s Comfort ($10). Always request results to be sent to you and you must keep them on file to show proof of treatment and testing if warranty work is ever needed. Testing done by anyone other than a dealer, a certified lab or Nature’s Comfort will not be accepted for warranty claims but is encouraged for monitoring treatment levels to obtain the maximum life out of a Nature’s Comfort boiler, particularly if water is being added throughout a heating season (this is a result of improper operation or installation). Treatment and nitrite test kits are available from your dealer or Nature’s Comfort. Drain, flush, re-fill and re-treat if water is ever not crystal clear.

Visit www.naturescomfortllc.com/warranty each year to confirm current treatment and testing requirements and to download a water test request form to submit with a water sample to your dealer or Nature’s Comfort.

Nature’s Comfort On-Site Warranty Pro-ration:

Nature’s Comfort will pay costs of warranty work based on the following pro-ration:

Fire Drum: Years 1 – 5: 100%, Year 6 – 90%, Year 7 – 80%, Year 8 – 70%, Year 9 – 60%, Year 10 – 50%, Year 11 – 40%,

Year’s 12 – 14: 30%, Years 15-20: 20%

Water Jacket: Years 1 – 5: 100% Year 6 – 80%, Year 7- 60%, Year 8 – 40%, Year 9 – 20%, Year 10 – 10%

1 Year Warranty on Other Components

Nature’s Comfort warranties, to the original owner only, any component a part of the boiler that is defective during normal usage for a period of 1 year from customer’s date of purchase. Shipping for returning defective parts is not included. Replacement/repaired parts are obtained from the dealer purchase was made through. Labor is not covered for repairing or replacing componenets that is under warranty. After one year, your dealer may charge you for any parts provided. No warranty parts will be provided without first returning the defective part. Replacement/repaired parts carry a 90 day warranty or the fulfillment of the 1 year warranty period, whichever comes later. Pump failure due to water quality issues or not bleeding the air out from the bearings before startup are not covered under warranty. Proof of treatment and testing is required for pump warranty.

Warranty Procedure

All claims under this warranty must be made through the dealer where the boiler was purchased. If an inspection by the dealer indicates that a warranty claim is justified and that all conditions of this warranty have been met, Nature’s Comfort will repair or replace the problem part according to the above proration. Proof of purchase, treatment and testing records and return of the defective part (if applicable) must be provided by the owner of the boiler before any warranty is given. All costs of removal, shipment to and from the dealer or Nature’s Comfort and losses during shipment and reinstallation and any other losses due to the stove being removed shall be covered by the owner of the boiler. If your dealer no longer exists, please contact Nature’s Comfort via email: [email protected] It may be necessary for you to obtain quotes from one or more local professionals and to email pictures of an issue.

This warranty is subject to change without notification. Visit www.naturescomfortllc.com every year to confirm current warranty and installation information or call your dealer.

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