Wood Burning Stoves and How to Install Them

Installing outdoor wood burning stoves is not only considered to be a practical idea, but also economical as well. In fact, more people are now entertaining the idea of installing their very own wood burning stoves in their homes. The reason for this increasing trend is mainly attributed to the many advantages that one can get from using them. The use of wood burners or stoves is the only safe way to have the natural flame heat at home.

One of the most celebrated benefits of using wood in stoves is its cost effectiveness. Wood is substantially cheaper compared to other fuels that are used to heat the house. This is especially true with those who live in lands where woods grow abundantly. Wood can be purchased for a cheaper price compared to fuels like kerosene or LPG, and even much more cheaper when compared to electricity, thus making it an economical choice for providing heat at home.

Another benefit that we can get from these outside wood burning stoves is that you can lessen the incidence of fire accidents that may occur as a result. Wood burning stoves are usually situated 40 to 500 feet from your house and they deliver heat through insulated pipes that are usually placed underground going to the house. Thus, there is a long distance between the stove and the house. Wood burning stoves are also environmental friendly. Wood is basically a renewable resource and in contrast, fuels like kerosene or LPG are not. Thus, the use of wood would actually help to preserve the use of fuels, which would subsequently help to lessen the dwindling chances of these resources. Another important means in how wood can actually help the environment is by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide that it produces. Thus, this would also lessen the occurrence of the greenhouse effect.

For the purpose of safety, however, there are many things that one must know before they attempt a wood burning stove installation. Local building and installation requirements, for example, must be carefully thought of first before you actually attempt an installation. The first step in the outdoor wood furnace installation is picking out a stove and preparing it for subsequent installation. This should include deciding the location where you want to place your wood burner. Remember that stoves are space heaters, so you may want to carefully consider where to place them in your lot.

Once you have already picked a model of the burner that you desire, the next part of the preparation for outdoor wood boiler installation commences. You can first make a concrete pad that is large enough to hold your boiler or furnace. Of course, you also need to throw in some room where you can stand whenever you are load up the furnace. Make sure that this concrete pad is around 4 inches deep from the ground. After the establishment of the concrete pad, next thing to do is to dig up a trench below the frost line that would span from the furnace to the house. The purpose of this trench is to prevent any heat loss that may occur with the pipe since basically the ground temperature is between 45 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now we are done with the first part of the preparation. Next part of the outdoor wood stove installation is to place the furnace into the concrete pad. After it is already placed, you then measure the distance between the house and that of the furnace. A PEX pipe or hot water pipe must be taken out and placed in the trench that you have just made. In addition, you should also place the same length of 110V wire in the same length 4×6 PVC pipe, which would be placed in the trench too.

The next thing to do in wood burning furnace installation is to mount a heat exchanger in the ventilator of the furnace. The heat exchanger must be able to slide easily into the plenum and you fasten this with the use of an L-shaped bracket. After which, you should connect one end of the PEX pipe into the furnace, and then the heat exchanger into the hot water heater. Lastly, put the circuit breaker into the breaker box and attach the 110V wire to the circuit breaker and the furnace. You can then install it and connect the thermostat. The whole outside wood furnace installation can be a complicated task and so it is much recommended to leave the wood burner installation to experts, unless you are a professional. Take note, attempting to install an outdoor wood boiler can be extremely dangerous if you have no expert knowledge regarding its installation.

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