About Wood Doctor Outdoor Wood Burning Furnaces

There are great wood burning furnaces and there are bad wood burning furnaces and one of these bad brands is Wood Doctor Furnace. If you live in the US and Canada you may have heard about this brand especially when you were shopping for what used to be a great brand. This wood burning furnace was one of the most popular and highly endorsed however there are still some important points that are often considered by homeowners and business owners which the Wood Doctor lacked.  This is what caused this company to go out of business.

Where it all began

The Wood Doctor Furnace Corporation manufactured furnaces for personal, commercial, and industrial use. Wood Doctor furnaces were ordered through a network of dealerships and distributors throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Wood Doctor wood furnaces were all outdoor furnaces. This brand was available in five different sizes, from small to industrial. The larger the outdoor wood furnace unit, the more BTUs/hr it produced. These furnaces were able to heat a home or a structure by converting wood to gas and gas to heat. Heat was distributed using fans to pipes that were placed all over the house.

If you are looking for a new model to replace a Wood Doctor, you must talk to a Nature’s Comfort representative to be able to find the best furnace model that will be perfect for your home or building. Online sites have special tools that could help you find qualified pre-screened contractors.

How to contact Wood Doctor

Phone: 902-639-9171


Wood Doctor Company Headquarters
PO Box 567
Stewiacke, NS B0N2J0

That used to be where you could contact this company before they went out of business.  If you have any Wood Doctor related questions, such as maintenance, boiler treatment to prevent leaking and other part replacement, be sure to call us at Nature’s Comfort at (877) 251-7740 and we will be able to help you!

Wood Doctor’s warranty

The Wood Doctor’s Converter came with a 30-year limited warranty. A 15-year warranty was offered on the heavy gauge stainless steel from which the converter was constructed for durability and protection from the elements. If you have questions about Wood Doctor’s services, products or warranty, you should contact us at Nature’s Comfort via phone or send us a message via mail since Wood Doctor is no longer an active company.


Reviews for interested consumers
“It’s really an issue of equipment”
It’s really an issue of equipment more than propane or oil in your case. If you use oil or propane fired boiler for heat and hot water it will always be more efficient than a standalone water heater. If you compare apples to apples with the equipment you will find very little difference. Best of luck!

“Outdoor wood boiler”
I’ve had my Wood Doctor 4000 series for 4 winters with no problems. Installed a sidearm heat exchanger to my hot water heater this past year. I have all electric so I m saving a lot of money on electric bills. I would recommend this product but only owned for 4 years. So far so good.

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