About Woodmaster Outdoor Wood Burning Stoves

The Woodmaster brand of wood furnaces is owned by Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. The Woodmaster is a wood-fired standalone outdoor water boiling furnace. It may be used together with a wide variety of heating systems such as radiators, baseboard hot water systems, radiant floor systems and so many more.

Woodmaster markets wood furnaces under the “Woodmaster” and “Woodmaster Plus” brand names. The Woodmaster burns firewood, while the Woodmaster Plus can burn a range of alternative fuels, including corn, wood and paper pellets, barley and other organic products. The Woodmaster comes in 4 models which are designed to heat homes and other buildings such as garages, workshops, and barns ranging from 2,000 to 20,000 square feet. Prices for the Woodmaster range from $4,295 to $12,995, before installation.

Northwest Manufacturing is a privately held company and was established in 1989.

Woodmaster’s Warranty

The Woodmaster comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

How to contact Woodmaster

Phone: (800) 932-3629


600 Polk Ave. SW
Red Lake Falls, MN 56750


Woodmaster reviews for interested customers:
“If you like to babysit”
Bought three of the burners and burning wood pellets. All junk. Have to babysit and replace parts on a weekly basis to keep the furnaces going. They are installed indoors even and still have issues. Not worth the investment at all!! Of course now we are stuck with them.
“1100 used for 6 seasons – nothing but trouble.”
I have used the 1100 Corn/pellet furnace for 6 seasons. There are multiple design problems with this furnace. Augering is undersized and under powered. I have had the moving parts of this furnace replaced four times yet it still has issues. The sales/service person is unresponsive as is the engineering staff at the company. The company claims it is something I am doing wrong but they can’t tell me what I am doing wrong. Invitations to my property have gone unanswered. Service person will no longer work on the stove. He will get parts for me but will not install them. Furnace does not completely burn pellets, most end in the ash bin partially burned. If you tweak the controls to get a better burn, you end up burning the metal parts inside the burn chamber. I would suggest NEVER buy this stove. I am currently in the market for a furnace (Wood this time – no more corn or pellets) that I will not have to spend hours working on in the middle of Winter in below zero wind chills. I wish I could give this furnace a negative number rating!
“Woodmaster 434 (4400)”
Woodmaster 434, which is the predecessor of the 4400 (same design) Have had since 2001, burning constantly (Domestic hot water and radiant heat). Replace door gasket about every 3 years. Dealer network is shaky. Dealer promptly went out of business after I bought mine, and there isn’t another within 100 miles. He did a poor job on the tubing going to the house (underinsulated). Had to replace every 1″ compression fitting in the system (all leaked in first year) Use Shark Bite fittings. 10 years, no leaks. Woodmaster’s dhw heat exchanger arrangement is substandard, but works. Replaced the Taco 0011 circulator pump at year #8. Exterior steel is rusting through now. Parts are fairly easy to get from woodmaster website. Unit burns okay, but is not very efficient. I’ve gotten a lot of use out of it, and don’t regret my purchase; but with technology improvements of late, am upgrading to a gasifier unit – non- Woodmaster.

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